Special Issue of IJECSCSE (IETE 46th Mid Term Symposium “Impact of Technology on Skill Development”)-2015

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 Vein Pattern for Personal Authentication  Sujata Kulkarni, Dr. R .D. Raut, Dr.P.K.Dakhole pdf
 Evaluation of the Performance Comparison of DSR and AODV Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava, Dr. Mrs. Ranjana D. Raut,  Dr. P.T.Karule pdf
 Accident Avoidance and Intimation System using GSM and GPS Yogesh J. Ingle pdf
 Design of Parking Guidance System to Optimize Space Bandu Y. Nandekar, Prof. Dr. Ranjana D. Raut, Prof. Dr. Pravin K. Dakhole pdf
 Implementation of High Power Microwave Technology in Military Applications  Madhur S. Kurhekar, Mamik S. Gade, Aishwarya D. Joshi pdf
 Feature Extraction from Multispectral Satellite Images Using GLCM and Back Propagation Technique Miss.Vaishali.R.Thakare, Prof.Aanand.B.Deshmukh,     Prof.Manoj D.Tambakhe pdf
 A Survey on Logical Data Scrambler for High Speed Application Dhiraj S. Bhojane, Dr. A. S. Joshi pdf
 A Review Paper on: Commercial Crops Disease Detection for Maharashtra State using Image Processing  Deepak R. Khadse, Dr.Ranjana D.Raut,            Abhishek D. Raut pdf
 Performance Comparison of Speckle Reducing Filters for Ultrasonography (USG) Images of Thyroid Glands Ms. Wrushali Mendre, Dr. R. D. Raut, Ms. Sayali Malwadkar pdf
 Design of 16-bit MIPS Processor for Multi-Core SoC  Ms. Jinal K.Tapar, Ms. Shrushti K. Tapar, Prof. Ashish E. Bhande pdf
 A Survey on Design of MLDD for Error Detection and Correction Ms. Minal M. Jaiswal, Prof. Ashish E. Bhande pdf
 WSN Based Public Transport Vehicle Failure Reporting System  Dr. Ranjana Dinkar Raut, Vineet Kumar Goyal pdf
 Betterment to Image Matching Process in Remote Sensing  Ashwini Meshkar, Dr.R.D.Raut, Dr.V.M.Thakare pdf
 Detection and Crowd Counting System Based on Fuzzy Color Histogram Features  Geeta L. Makhija, Dr. R. D. Raut, Dr. V. M. Thakare pdf
 Low Level Image Processing Algorithms Using Hardware Software Co Simulation  Dushyant Mankar, Prof. S.S.Mungona pdf
 A Survey on Document Processing By Color Form Dropout  Ankush D. Kadu, Dr. P. R. Deshmukh pdf
 A Survey on Brain Tumor Detection using Magnetic Resonance Imaging S. R. Salwe, Dr. R .D. Raut pdf
 Design of Point Processing Algorithm using Hardware Co-simulation for Digital Image Processing Application Ku. Dipika S.Warkari, Dr.U.A.Kshirsagara pdf
 A Survey on Design of Hummingbird Cryptographic Algorithm  Pranali R. Umap, Dr. A.S. Joshi pdf
 Implementation of Reliable Wireless Real Time Automation System Based on Android Mobile Phone and FPGA  Supriya Rai, Prof. A. P. Thakare pdf
 Bio-medical (EMG) Signal Feature Extraction Using Wavelet Transform for Design of Prosthetic Leg Miss. Rhutuja K. Raut, Dr. Ajay A. Gurjar pdf
 Analysis of Linear Predictive Coding  Jennifer Jose, Smita Chopde pdf
 Texture-Based Identification of Interstitial Pneumonia Patterns in Lung Multidetector CT Mr. Anup R. Aswar, Ms. Kunda P. Nagarikar,             Prof. P. D. Pawar pdf
Design of LBG Image Compression by Using VHDL Simulation  Mr. Rahul. R. Ade, Mr. Ashish B. Kharate pdf
 Memristor MOS Content Addressable Memory (MCAM) Design Using 22nm VLSI Technology  Komal J.Anasane, Dr.Ujwala A.Kshirsagar pdf
 A Review on Implementation of AES Algorithm Using FPGA    Prof. N. N. Kasat, S. A. Varhade, Dr. M. S. Ali pdf
 Realization of Distributed Arithmetic Based Reconfigurable Digital FIR Filter Mayur B Kachare, Dineshkumar U Adokar pdf
 VLSI Implementation of Back Propagated Neural Network for Signal Processing Dr. Ujwala A. Belorkar, Mr. Ashish E. Bhande pdf
 High Speed Convolution and Deconvolution Algorithm based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics Dr. Ujwala A. Belorkar, Mr. Ashish E. Bhande pdf
 A Survey on Expert System for Yield Prediction Miss S. A. Nakhle, Dr. G. P. Dhok pdf
 Spectral Subtraction for Enhancement of Speech Quality  Gitu Geevarghese, Milind S. Shah pdf
 Comparison of Formant Estimation Techniques Safya S. Bhore, Milind S. Shah pdf
 Removing Speckle Noise using Filters from Digital Image and OCT Image: A Review Kanchan S. Ghute, Prof. A. B. Deshmukh, Prof. M. D. Tambhakhe pdf
 Implementation of Automatic Reverse Braking System on FPGA Divya Thakur, Prof.A. P. Thakare pdf
 Performance Analysis of SC-OFDM in term of ICI and Multiple User Access for Uplink Anshu Soni, Sanjeet kumar Shriwastava pdf
 An Intelligent Tutoring System using Bayesian Network – A Review Ms. Anagha A. Ralegaonkar, Prof. A.P. Thakare,      Dr.S.B.Thorat pdf
 Large Mode Area Solid Core Bragg Fiber M.Mani Roja, Dr. Sudhir Sawarkar pdf
 FPGA Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy based Inverter Prof. Nilesh N. Kasat, Dr. M. S. Ali, Er. Dharmik N. Mehta pdf
 Review on Image Intensification Using Adaptive Multiscale Product Thresholding Mr. Anup T. Gadre, Prof. S. B. Kasturiwala,         Nikesh T. Gadare pdf
 Design of CMOS Schmitt Trigger Sonawane sarika Ramesh, Dr.S.T. Gandhe, Prof. G.M. Phade, Prof.P.A.dhulekark pdf
 An Analytical Approach for Simulated IEEE 802.11(A) WLAN Standard Using Frequency Synthesizer Ujjwal V.Ramekar, Prof. Ajay .P. Thakare pdf
 Review: Optimization Techniques for Multirate Digital Filters Smita S. Metkar, Gopal S. Gawande,   Dr.K.B.Khanchandani pdf
 Application of Neural Network for Diagnosing Eye Disease Ms. Gauri Borkhade, Dr. Mrs. Ranjana Raut pdf
 Design & Implementation of Remotely Managed Embedded Digital Signage Using Raspberry Pi for Railway System Devyani Nandedkar, Dinesh Adokar pdf
 A Novel Approach for Image Compression Using VHDL Simulation Mr. Vishal V. Rathi, Mr. Eshant G. Rajgure, Mr. Aniket A. Ingle pdf
 Analysis of Mobility Prediction Techniques and Association Rule Mining Mr. Dhiraj Rane, Dr. M. P. Dhore pdf
 Detecting Alive Humans Using Embedded System Ms.Rasika Avinash Kantute, Ms.Aishwarya Rajesh Kubde, Ms .Manisha Kitukale pdf
 Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using FPGA Prof. Padmini G. Kaushik, Vishal D. Dahake,                Prachika V.Mahalle pdf
 A Comparative Evaluation of Parallel Matlab and OpenMP Parallel Technologies Abhay B. Rathod, Sanjay M. Gulhane, Vivek L. Faye   Ketan A. Fulkar pdf
 Character Revealing Handwriting Analysis based on Segmentation method using Support Vector Machine Ankur M. Bobade, Prof. Nikkoo. N. Khalsa pdf
 Simulation and Performance Evaluation for NoCa Archana Gomkar pdf
 Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter with Hysteresis Current Controller Technique Akash N. Belonkar, Mukund R. Salodkar pdf
 Adaptive Load Forecasting Ankush R. Sarode, Mukund R. Salodkar pdf
 Design and Implementation of Multi Tank Monitoring Based On Low-Power ZIGBEE and AVR for Automatic Water System Control Sanjay M Gulhane, Nilesh R Patel, Waheed M Khan pdf
 Basilar Membrane Properties And Measurement For Tonotopic Frequency Map  Mrs. Nirmala N. Kamble, Dr. V. R. Mankar pdf
 Classification of Liver Disease: A Review Vishakha V. Hambire, Dr. S.R. Ganorkar pdf
 Design of UPQC for the Improvement of Power Quality K.N.Kasat, M.S.Ali, M.D.Bobade pdf
 Investigation of Thiophene-Based Polymer Composition Such as LED Dr. Nitin V. Shirbhate, Prof. S. V. Tambakhe,Dr. S. P. Yawale pdf
Extended Mathematical Expression of BER for MB-UWB System in Underground Mine Channel Athar Ravish Khan, Sanjay M. Gulhane pdf
 Design and Implementation of FFT Ms. Sneha Kherde pdf
FPGA Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy based Buck Boost Converter Nilesh N. Kasat, Dr. M. S. Ali, Radhika M. Jaju pdf
Discriminating Voiced and Unvoiced Segments of Speech Signal using GUI Solly Joy, Savitha Upadhya pdf
Surgically Altered Face Images Recognition Using Multimodal
Biometric Features
 Ms. Abha R. Gulhane, Dr. S. A. Ladhake, Prof. S. B. Kasturiwala pdf
Floating-Point Multiplier for DSP Using Vertically and Crosswise Algorithm  Ajay A. Raut, Dr. Pravin K. Dakhole pdf
Comparison of Isolated Digit Recognition Techniques based on Feature Extraction Sreeja R. Nair, Milind S. Shah pdf
 Implementation of MPEG-4 Audio Decoder  Pratiksha R. Wankhade, Nitin N. Mandaogade pdf
A Review on Implementation of RSA Cryptosystem Using Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics  Shahina M. Salim, Prof. N.N. Mandaogade pdf