Volume 2, Issue 1, April-2012


Research Article Authors Download
Brain Tumour Extraction from MRI Images Using MATLAB Rajesh C. Patil, Dr. A. S. Bhalchandra pdf
Moving Object Tracking in Video Using MATLAB Bhavana C. Bendale, Prof. Anil R. Karwankar pdf
Sleep Spindle and K-complex Detection Using Wavelet Transform and Teager Energy Operator (TEO) Prof. V. V.Shete, Dr. S. Patil, Ashwini.Charantimath, Sapna Sonar, Sachin Elgandelwar pdf
Color Image Segmentation based on Initial Seed Selection, Seeded Region Growing and Region Merging Dinesh S. Datar, Sini Shibu pdf
Seismic Response Of Steel Building With Linear Bracing System (A Software Approach) Manish S. Takey, Prof. S. S.Vidhale pdf
Improvement in Automobile Security System Controlled by Personal Computer via RF Link Dependra Nath Saikia, Abhilasha Choudhary, Aditi Sardesai pdf
Integrating Random Character Generation to Enhance CAPTCHA using Artificial Intelligence Manisha B. Thombare, Parigha M. Derle, Arpita K.Wandre pdf
Wireless Power Theft Detection Vrushali V. Jadhav, Soniya S. Patil, Rupali V. Rane, Swati R. Wadje pdf
Security Limitations and Challenges in Wireless Networks Mr. Prasanna M. Rathod, Miss. Vrundan V. Parode, Prof. R. R. Keole pdf
Ethernet Controller Arm Processor Mr. M. R. Gaikar, Prof. S. G. Galande, Prof. D. B. Rane pdf
Fingerprint Verification Using Gabor Filter Jayashree Bhimrao Jadhav,Medha Vaibhav Joshi,Vaishali Rajendra Hire pdf
Image Stegnography by Skin Tone Detection Vikas Gupta,Deepali Bhamare,P. B. Salunkhe pdf
Agro-Waste and Their Utilization on the Bending Properties of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Composites Sunil V.Desale,Priti P. Patil,Jitendra N. Vyas pdf
CR Methodology and HCR Recognition to Online Character Recognition M. V. Joshi,J.B.Jadhav,V. R. Hire pdf

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