Volume 2, Issue 9

Research Article Authors Download
Data Mining in Bioinformatics: Study and  Survey of Data Mining and its Operations in Mining Biological Data Prof. Sapna V M,Prof. Khushboo Satpute pdf
Design and Analysis for Monitoring Wet Macular Degeneration by using Fluorescein Angiograms Pankaj Wankhade,Shital Gulhane,Gauri Borkhade pdf
An Approach towards Mining Frequent Items and Item Sets from Distributed Data Stream Ms. Poonam. A. Manjare, Mrs. R. R. Shelke pdf
Exploring Various Aspects of Remote Checkpoint Strategy for Mobile Devices Ms. S. R. Kaware,Prof. P.L. Ramteke pdf
 Low Power and High Speed BCD Adder using Reversible Gates Pradeep S R, Praveen Kumar,Prathibha S R pdf
 Location Pattern Mining of Users in Mobile Environment  Mr. Mohammad Waseem, Mrs. R.R.Shelke pdf