Volume 2, Issue 2, August-2012


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Sound Spectrum Measurements in Ducted Axial Fan under Stall Conditions at Frequency Range from 0 Hz to 500 Hz Manikanda Pirapu P.K., Srinivasa G.R., Sudhakar K.G., MadhuD. pdf
Improving The Performance Of Content Based Image Retrieval System Using Color Distribution And Relevance
Sandip S. Patil, Atul V. Dusane pdf
Experimental study on Geo-Polymer concrete incorporating GGBS V. Supraja, M. Kanta Rao pdf
Analysis of Energy and Lifetime Using Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Vaishali A.Mangrulkar, Swati S.Mahajan pdf
GPS based Intelligent Urban Transportation system with integration of onboard public information system Prafulla D. Patinge, Prof. Ms. N. R. Kolha pdf
Student Monitoring By Face Recognition System Dayanand S. Shilwant,Dr. A.R.Karwankar pdf
Signature Free Buffer Overflow Attack Detection in Peer
to Peer Network.
Mr.J.P.Mehare, Prof.V.S.Gulhane pdf
A Study Of Music And LMS Algorithms For Smart Antenna System Mr.D.B Salunke,Dr. R.S. Kawitkar pdf
Auto Pilot Landing System for VTOL Aircraft  Laxmikant Hundikar, G.P.Dhok pdf
Steganography for Colored Images  Mr.Pushparaj P.Nerkar, Vishwajit K. Barbudhe, Prof. Aumdevi K. Barbudhe pdf
 Multimedia Data mining in Medical Applications  R. R. Shelke pdf
 Implementation of Frame Lapse Video in Cinematography Application  Mayur C. Patel, Niraj V. Bhadresha, Dipak Jethloja pdf
 A QoS Provisioning for 3G Wireless Networks Using Call Admission Control  Sandeep Nemade,V.S. Kolate,G.I. Patil pdf