Volume 3, Issue 3


Research Article Authors Download
A Review of Image Compression based on Wavelet Transform Function and Structure Optimization Technique Kiran Sharma Amit Rajput pdf
A Review on Optimal Design of Single Tube in a Heat Exchanger using FEA Tool     Roshan V. Marode Ashok J. Keche pdf
Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems: A Review  Prof.Shilpa P.Kodgire Anju Mohan pdf
 Digital Image Watermarking Using a Blind Detection for Copyright Authentication Anupama Purohit pdf
 Data Staleness Minimization in Data Stream Warehouse Archana R. Ugale, Prof. Wankhade N.R pdf
 Parallelization of Multipattern Matching on GPU  Mr.Gaurav K. Bhamare, Prof.Satish S. Banait pdf
 Novel Approach for Face Recognition Using Fractals Mr. Rakesh S. Shirsath,Prof. L. B. Randive pdf