Special Issue of IJECSCSE-(2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology-2013)

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 BER Improvement of DS-CDMA with Rake Receiver Using Multipath Fading Channel  Mr. Bhalerao G. A.,Prof. Zope R. G. pdf
 Image Data Extraction for Developing Standalone Application Programs  Amol Bharat Ranadive,Prof. S. R. Ganorkar pdf
 RBNSiZeComm and TSS: An Energy Efficient Communication Schemes for Wireless Networks  Geeta Jadhav,Shailaja Kanawade,Amol Gade pdf
 Methodology on Semiconductor Technology based Dual Modulus Prescaler  Mr. Nikhil R. Shimpi,Prof. Mrs. Shilpa P. Kodgire,Mr. Parag N. Sonawane pdf
 Comparing accuracy of Musical Instrument identification for different features with k-NN and SVM Classifiers Amrit Pal Kaur,Prof. D.M. Chandwadkar,Prof. M. S. Sutaone pdf
 Designing of Different oscillators for ISM and WI-FI Band Applications  B.V.Gavali,S.K.Rode,M.S.Shinde,S.K.Shelke pdf
 Estimation of I/Q Imbalance in MIMO OFDM Kanchan Nikumbh,Achala Deshmukh pdf
 Design of Equilateral Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Co-axial Feeding Technique  Mr.V.V.Khairnar,Prof.B.V.Kadam,Prof.K.R.Khandagle pdf
 Coverage Extension and Throughput Improvement by Using Mobile Relay  Ujwala S. Bugad,Dr.Ashish Bhargave pdf
 Human IRIS recognition and effect of compression on recognition system  Mr.Milind B. Kadlag,Mr. N. P. Sonawane pdf
 DRISHTI – A Cost Effective Braille Printer Mr.Bapusaheb Dange,Mr.Anil Brahmane,Mr.Sandip Shivarkar pdf
 ID 3 Algorithm for Intrusion Detection Anant R. More,Vikas N. Nandgaonkar, Dr. Manoj Nagmode, Pramod P. Patil pdf
 Removal of Baseline Wander from ECG Signal  Mrs. V. R. Lele,Prof. K. S. Holkar pdf
 Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Analysis for Augmentation of Image Resolution  Mr. Geete R.A., Mrs. Jadhav J.B., Mr.Dhulekar P.A pdf
Hardware Implementation of  RC4 Stream Cipher using VLSI  Prof. Mr. D. B. Rane,Miss.Ukande Jyoti F.,Miss.Gund Shwetal R.,Miss.Pawar Chandreshwari B. pdf
 Lossless Data Hiding For Image Using Reversible Contrast Mapping (RCM) Warkar H.A.,Jain S.N. pdf
 Automated Feature Extraction of Epileptic Seizures Using Wavelet Decomposition of EEG and Approximate Entropy  Kirti Kale,J. P. Gawande pdf
 The Performance of RAKE Receiver in Multirate Wireless Communication Systems  Kokate M. D.,Sontakke T. R.,Bagul C. R. pdf
 Applications of RFID in Interactive Board Games Mrs. Sonal Deshmukh,Prof. V. B. Baru pdf
 Comparison of spatial domain and transformation domain image fusion technique for restoration of blur images  Mr. Amit Ufade,Mrs. Madhuri Kawade pdf