Special Issue of IJECSCSE (International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computer Engineering, Science and Information Technology”- 2015)

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Study of Methodologies for utilizing Sanskrit in Computational Linguistics Prajakta R. Chaudhari,Pooja C. Gangurde,Nikhil L. Kulkarni pdf
 Human Computer Interface to Play Virtual Musical Instruments Using Finger Sensor Data Glove Thoutam Naresh pdf
Performance of Fingerprint Matching Operations on GPGPU Ms. Shital T. Tupe, Prof. Amol D. Potgantwar pdf
 Cryptosystem for Scalable Sharing of Data Using Single key Versus N keys Ms. Monali S. Bachhav, Prof. Amol Potgantwar pdf
 Encryption Scheme for Vehicular Ad hoc Network Trambak R. Pawar, Prof. AmitKumar Manekar pdf
Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Based Health Care Solution Using Memac Swati P. Gawand, Prof. Santoh Kumar pdf
 Detecting Communities over Large Scale Graph Structure Data using MapReduce  Harsha J. Kolhe, Prof. Amitkumar Manekar pdf
 Reduce Cost in Relational Domain Using a New Progressive Analytics Ankita V. Torawane, Prof. Amitkumar Manekar pdf
 Rain Pixel Recovery with Gaussian Noise Removal for Rainy Videos Bhagyashri More, Prof. Santosh Kumar pdf
 Performance Evaluation on XML Schema Retrieval by Using XSPath Trupti N. Mahale, Prof. Santosh Kumar pdf
 Identification of Illegally Modified Part in Digital Images Swapnali Somnath Pangre, Dr. Shirish S. Sane pdf
 Improving the Performance of Content Based Image Retrieval System using Relevance Feedback Priti A. Kulkarni, Prof. N. M. Shahane pdf
 Exemplar Based Illumination Estimation Kulkarni Seema Ganapati, Prof. Snehal M. Kamalapur pdf
 Virtual mouse with Color Detection Using Computer Vision  Pravin Pabale, Dr. Maithili Arjunwadkar pdf
 Detection of Glaucoma Disease Using CBIR and Relevance Feedback Algorithm Nilima S. Patil, Prof. R.B. Wagh pdf
 Imbalanced Time Series Data Classification Using Oversampling Technique Miss. Reshma K. Dhurjad, Prof. Mr. S. S. Banait pdf
 Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based approach for Classification of Remote Sensing Images Geeta R. Gupta, Prof. S. M. Kamalapur pdf
 A Novel Approach for Searching Dimension in Incomplete Databases Pagare Namrata M., Prof.Mrs.J.R.Mankar pdf
 A Secure Self Adoption Mechanism in for Service Base Cloud Application Purushottam S.Chavan, Prof B. R. Nandwalkar pdf
 Generation of Multiple Clustering Views Sondawale Harsha A.,Prof. N. M. Shahane pdf
 Image Retrieval Using Mean Shift Clustering  Urvashi R. Chavan, Prof. N. M. Shahane pdf
 Query Mining for Image Retrieval System Using Markov Chain Model Archana J. Waghchawre, Prof. J.V. Shinde pdf
An Efficient Approach for Mining of Outliers for Imperfectly Labeled Data  Dighavkar Aditi C., Prof. N.M.Shahane pdf
 Implementation Aspects of Effective Web Search through String Transformation Technique Dipika L. Tidke, Prof. N. R. Wankhade pdf
 Efficient 3D Image Retargeting using Stereo Seam Carving Umaima A. Bohari, Prof. S. M. Kamalapur pdf
 Classification using Online Feature Selection with Partial Inputs Deshmukh Ankita Chandrabhan, Prof. Dr. S. S. Sane pdf
Classification of Diseases and their Treatments Using Machine Learning Approach                          Aditi A Ghive, D. R. Patil pdf
 Mining Co-location and Segregation Patterns from Spatial Data Miss Priya S. Shejwal, Prof. J. R. Mankar pdf
 Firecol: An Intrusion Prevention System for Minimization of DDoS attacks Bhagyashri B. Kotame, Prof. S. K. Sonkar pdf
 Divisible Resource Allocation to Minimize Cloud Task Length Sneha S. Tile, Prof. Naresh Thoutam pdf
 Clustering of   Documents Based on Partitioning the Features Madhuri V. Malode, Prof. J.V. Shinde pdf
Performance Enhancements in Cloud Server Using Trusted
Third Party and AES
Madhumita S Patil, Prof. Santosh Kumar pdf
 Evaluation of Multilevel Check Pointing System in Distributed Environment Pratiek R Suraana, Prof. Naresh Thoutam  pdf
Design And Analysis of Three Party Protocol to Retrieve Private Data By Using Vertical Partitioned Data  Ms. Gauri V. Sonawane, Prof. Naresh Thoutam pdf
 MVJoin: An Efficient Approach for Record Linkage and Duplication Finding  Ms. Laxmi R. Adhav, Prof. Santosh D. Kumar pdf
 A New Effective Approach to Move Huge Data to Cloud Minimizing Cost Leena B. Dhangar, Prof. Amitkumar Manekar pdf
 Fuzzy-Rough Set Approach for Hyperspectral Images Lodha Shraddha P., Prof. S. M. Kamalapur pdf
 Neighborhood Integrated Matrix Factorization for Temporal Prediction Trishna Jadhav, Prof.S.S.Banait pdf
 An Approach to Handle Dynamic Graph Partitioning Ms. Rupali J. Jagdale,  Prof. Mrs. S. M. Kamalapur pdf
 Image Processing based Language Converter for Deaf and Dumb S.N.Boraste, K.J.Mahajan  pdf